Blightrunner Information
Affiliation robots
Armor Unknown, presumed Tenatium
Power Source Unknown
Weapons Gatling Laser Cannon
Pilot Iron Drone (Pilot)
Iron Drone (Gunner)
Status Unknown
Location Unknown

The Blightrunner is an alternate model to the Sentai Fortress set. It is a relatively small robot walker that is manned by two Iron Drones. It is armed with two frontal guns, two rockets, a gatling gun and a small rear-facing gun. The Blightrunner can be built using pieces from the robot attackers in 7709 Sentai Fortress.


These small attack vehicles support the larger robot battle machines in combat, dodging in and out of battle to fire on unwary human forces. Though lightly armored, the Blightrunner's maneuverability, firepower and low radar profile make it an enemy that should not be underestimated.


Blightrunner instructions from a Lego Club magazine

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