• Exo-Force RA


    February 7, 2017 by Exo-Force RA

    Does someone know something about comic 40????

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  • Hewarth

    Jungle Thrasher parts list

    September 18, 2014 by Hewarth
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  • Pixeljam

    The Silver City

    March 22, 2014 by Pixeljam

    Well, first off, this took me about 5 years to actually write down in a way that I liked, and to get the story straight, so no one had better steal it or the blog post is being deleted. Some characters durastically changed, and some mostly stayed the same. I own all characters that LEGO does not own, and etc. on after that (except for Midori, who took a lot of her traits from Brainiac5 of FanFiction). Also, all music belongs to whoever wrote it (Taylor Swift, Owl City, etc.), seeing as I have a lot of music in this story. 

    If you have trouble reading this on the blog, you can look on my profile page. I have a link there that will take you to the original place this is posted. 

    As always, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to send me a…

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  • Hewarth

    I wrote this Exo-Force Fanfiction because i thought that it would be interesting to know what happened during the move out. This story happens Comic 30 and describes what could happened during the travel.

    Sentai Fortress.

    Once a massive monument of hope and the headquarters of the Exo-Force team. It won many battles and made civilians, pilots and technicans feel safe. After the attack of the Striking Venom however, it was badly damaged and the robots increased their forces with new, menacing Battle machines. Every human and robot knew that the fortrees wouldn't stand a second attack.

    "On man... How are we supposed to win the war if our base lies in ruins?" complained Ha-Ya-To as he flew above the HQ in his White Lightning. He and his comrades…

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  • Mlle.Hacksaw

    Genki gets some love

    February 2, 2014 by Mlle.Hacksaw

    As per Hewarth's request, Genki/Tech gets some fanart!

    It was a little difficult getting the right look for him...

    This set is basically about Genki getting scolded by Ryo.

    (sniffles) I hope it's okaaay D:

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  • Pixeljam

    I Surprise Myself...

    January 5, 2014 by Pixeljam

    Gotta admit, I surprise myself sometimes. 

    I have never considered myself an artist. My sister's picture of my Exo-Force OC is enough to make me fangirl and beg for more, but I never thought I'd actually draw something Exo-Force related for myself, so it's pretty amazing to myself, even if my drawing skills suck. 

    So I decided to put them up on my deviantArt account (which I have to save pictures, not post them), and here's a link if any of you are interested. is where you can find them. 

    I have three Exo-Force related pictures up there: one of Ryo (profile view), one of Hikaru (3/4 view, which I'm REALLY bad at), and one of my OC that my sister drew (Akira, from my Silver City story, and the only colored drawing…

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  • Mlle.Hacksaw

    Holiday Special EXF

    December 19, 2013 by Mlle.Hacksaw

    Will draw special holiday EXF picture with them in Christmas sweaters.

    Or something or other.



    Here we go!

    I apologize for the picture quality. My scanner was being a real butt so I had to take photos.

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  • Hewarth

    Some Comics

    December 7, 2013 by Hewarth

    Hey everybody!

    I know it was planned that we make an article for the physical Comics of Exo-Force but everyone seems to forgot about it.

    So here is a list of all physical Comics we currently have!

    (Also thank you AG-Systems for uploading some.)


    These are some the Comics from the Boxes from 2006:

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  • Pixeljam

    Taking a Breather...

    December 3, 2013 by Pixeljam

    Well, National Novel Writing Month is officially over, and I managed to write over 50,000 words, so I won :) Maybe I'll be able to get that book published one day. I'll let you know if I do!

    But enough about that: I finished something much more interesting to all of you. My Exo-Force novel is complete, and you can find it at this link: For all of you who read tidbits of it earlier, now you can actually read the whole thing in one fail swoop! Just so you know, it's rather long (over 230 pages on Microsoft Word), so you might want to grab your favorite beverage and a warm blanket, especially if it's cold where you are!

    Thanks everyone for reading :) Let me know what you think of it!


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  • Mlle.Hacksaw

    Fake Exo-Force Set!

    November 30, 2013 by Mlle.Hacksaw

    It's a Russian review on a fake Gate Guardian set. 


    It's kind of like I'm happy I'm seeing EXF again, but at the same time the stigma of fake sets is making me scream internally.

    Also Hayato's face.

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  • Hewarth

    A second Supernova?!?

    September 8, 2013 by Hewarth

    Hey there!

    I was reading Comic 10 and noticed that in Ryo's Lab is a battle machine with yellow legs. The questionable is that the Supernova (The only yellow battle machine in the era) was already on the battlefield. I thought for a bit and made some opportunities:

    1. There was planed to be a second Supernova.
    2. It was the prototype of the Supernova.
    3. It was just a artist's error.

    Please note that the opportunities are just presumptions.

    Write your opinions and own theories in the comment sections!

    I would enjoy to read them and discuss with you! :)

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  • Hewarth

    Hi! I was the opinion that it was kinda sad that the Exo Force storyline was never told in the end. For that reason did I wrote this short story is I try to make an ending to the Exo-Force storyline.

    ATTENTION! This IS only a fanfiction and contains 2 non-canon names. To understand this story it would be a good idea to read Comic 39 first.

    This story could may contain grammatical failures/mistakes. If you spot any, please tell me where.

    Please comment if you liked or disliked the story.

    Near the base of Sentai Mountain was a mysterious jungle full of pitfalls both natural and left behind by the ancient, long-vanished builders of the Golden City far above. A team of brave, young pilots was sent there to rescue their leader and to put an end to the…

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  • Pixeljam

    NaNo Anyone?

    August 23, 2013 by Pixeljam

    Are you ready, writers? Cause pretty soon it'll be time for NaNoWriMo!

    For all you who don't know, NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month. November, to be exact. And it's the time for all you aspiring authors to be writing novels and getting ideas out!

    The idea is to try to write a novel in a month, which bascially means writing 50,000 words in the month of November with a bunch of other raving writing lunatics across the world. 

    So, you're not alone! I did it last year, and ended up meeting my quota, and heck, does it feel good! 

    It can be basically anything, really. I wrote a fanfiction piece last year, but this eyar I'm planning on going completely and utterly creative on my own accounts. If you all want to join me in the wonderf…

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  • Hewarth

    I wrote this Fanfic, because of....BOREDOM. :P

    It would be a good idea to read Book 1: Escape from Sentai Mountain or atleast the article first.

    Please comment if you liked the story and/or spot any grammaticle failures.

    Meca One stood on a platform and looked at the kneeling Devastators.

    "Report!" shouted the golden robot. A Devastator looked up to his leader and reported, "The Stealth Hunter escaped with three prisoners, including the designer of the Sonic Phantom and the Raging Storm. Several Fire Vultures and one Sonic Phantom are also demolished."

    "THIS IS COMPLETELY UNLOGICAL! A human could never exceed a robot! There must be glitches!" shouted the leader of the robots!

    He turned to a group of Iron Drones and ordered, "Check all Programmin…

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  • Hewarth

    This VERY short Fanfiction is inspired by a comic from a Lego Magacine.

    It´s possible that there are some grammaticle failures.

    Please comment if you liked the story and/or spot any grammaticle failures.

    It was a shiny day at the Sentai Fortress.

    Ryo polished his Uplink and watched the clouds in the sky. He noticed that Sensei Keiken walked to his direction and saluted.

    "Good morning Sensei! I and the other techs have finished working on the Silent Strike. We´ve also finished repairs from the robot´s last attack." said Ryo proudly.

    The Sensei nodded and said, "Good work, Ryo! You and the other techs can be proud of yourselfs!"

    Ryo smiled as he heard the words of his Sensei.

    "Thank you! But i wish i could be outside of the fortress. I wasn´t on a m…

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  • Joev14

    Any interest in buying any of the following sealed sets? (This offer is open to anybody who sees it!)

    Stealth Hunter

    Sentai Fortress

    Gate Defense/Gate Assault

    Iron Condor

    Joev14, Respect the Green 00:42, June 18, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Hewarth

    Hello! I wrote this story, because i wanted that the Iron Crusher also have a appereance.

    It may be a good idea to read Comic 35 first.

    I put a fanfictionary female pilot named Hiko.

    This story could may contain grammaticle failures/mistakes. If you spot any, please tell me where.

    I also enjoy if you comment if you liked or disliked the story.

    The Golden City.

    The last line of defense of the humans. It gave the Exo-Force new powerful Battle Machines and technology. The leader of the robot army, Meca One, knew that the Exo-Force was protected by a jamming field, powered by the Golden Tower. Meca One stared on one of the monitors. It displayed the construction of the newest Battle Machine of the robots: The Iron Crusher!

    The golden robot activated …

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  • Joev14

    Learn more about the project here.

    Hey everyone! This is Joev14, proud owner of the Exo-Force Wiki. I just thought I'd letch'yall know (The slang terms I use sometimes), that the Exocraft Project has finally begun! Venom, a former member of the TTV podcast has graciously agreed to host a server for us to begin construction on the Mountain. Because of some troubles/out of date mods, we're going to begin in a standard vanilla minecraft world and construct the Sentai Golden City. This is necessary anyways, since the Golden City acts as a ruler to determine the exact height of the Mountain. We must first create it in Minecraft in order to determine a good guestimate for the Mountain's block height. We need as much help building the Golden City …

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  • Hewarth

    Hi! I wrote this story, because i wanted that the minor characters and some alternate and combination models also have their chance to show what they can.

    ATTENTION! In this story Tech is called Genki. Genki was planned to be a more fleshed out Exo-Force member, but was later dropped and made generic.

    This story could may contain grammaticle failures/mistakes. If you spot any, please tell me where.

    I also enjoy if you comment if you liked or disliked the story.

    Sentai Fortress. The Headquarters of the Exo-Force.


    It was guarded by many brave pilots and other guards. One of them was Genki, who was divided to man a turret in the morning. He looked to his right and saw that his friend Ryota came to keep him some company.

    He was a twenty year old pi…

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  • Hewarth

    I wrote this fanfictionary story, because i was bored. That's all.

    Please tell me if the story is good or bad. If there's any grammaticle failures, please tell me, so i can correct it.

    "How long have I been here?" Kenji asked himself this question many times.

    He got up from his bed and went to the humming bars of his cell. The robots conducted electricity through the bars, to discourage the prisoners from attempting to escape. He was in, the only cell in the room the robots seperated them, so that the prisoners would not be able to plan escapes together.. He looked at the generator that controled the cell. It was in the middle of the room and manned by a single Devastator, who was the warden of the building. If prisoners were very important, …

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  • Mlle.Hacksaw

    It seems to me that we may have another minor character. However judging by the eye colour on the last panel, it might be Swift. But then again, the hairstyle is different. Here's Swift for comparison:

    The timeline of Swift's appearances, if it is him, makes sense too. Of course, he must be saved by Ryo first in order to be able to man the guns. Opinions?

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  • GhostsSpector

    So I copied a lot of magazine scans. I do not own any of the rights to them. I do not know where to put them, so I will just put them all here.

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  • Joev14

    Non-Lego Promo Toys

    May 10, 2013 by Joev14

    Alright, so I was lookin through this Category page, and I need your opinions. Should the Keychains and magnets be included in this category? While they aren't 'official' parts of the line, they still are made of lego-bricks, and are still 'technically' lego. So what do you guys think?

    Joev14, Respect the Green 01:20, May 10, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Joev14

    So, on the Supernova Page, the weapon used by Supernova is referred to as both a Solar Spear and an Electro Trident. I've done some research, and the name "electro trident" comes from the Supernova video advertisement, and the name "Solar Spear" comes from the comics and books. I'm more inclined to go with Solar Spear, since books and comics definately are more reliable sources than set ads. Thoughts?

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  • Stormjay Rider

    Can these things not actually power up?

    I tried it out on a Fire Vulture. No matter how hard I pressed on the lever, it didn't activate the light brick. And when I pushed too hard, it broke.

    Did I mess up during the construction? Does anyone have a similar problem?

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  • Mlle.Hacksaw

    Well, here goes.

    April 26, 2013 by Mlle.Hacksaw

    My reappearance here on the wiki is a little surprising to me as well, however I found myself diving right back into the EXF realm. I'm glad it hasn't left the face of the earth. Hopefully, I can stay a while and help out as much as I can. Hopefully, I've learned a thing or two in my absence to make me a better person. Hopefully, I can finally start working on my own EXF comic...

    . *sob*, the Exo-Force team will always be with me!!

    Mlle.Hacksaw (talk) 05:49, April 26, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Hewarth

    Non-kanon Names

    April 13, 2013 by Hewarth

    Hey there!

    In Exo-Force are many unnamed Battle Machines, so i´d tried to give them some names myself.

    Here they are:

    Robot Deep Jungle Battle Machine 2 - Jungle Superior

    Robot Deep Jungle Battle Machine 1 - War Scorpion

    Human Deep Jungle Battle Machine 2 - Sentai Preserver

    Human Deep Jungle Battle Machine 1 - Jungle Explorer

    Golden Tower alternate Model - Tower Deffender

    The Combination of the Mini Jet Pods of the Mobile Devastator - Sky Spy

    Please post your opinion to this names or/and how you would call them.

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  • Hewarth

    Exo-Force Prototypes

    April 8, 2013 by Hewarth

    Hi, i found this photos of prototypes of some Exo-Force Sets.

    I put here some external links of the pictures, to start an Talk.

    Sentai Fortress prototype

    Teal Dark Panther Prototype

    Red Dark Panther prototype

    Orange Dark Panther prototype

    First HRT prototype and the detachable vehicle

    Second HRT prototype with the detachable vehicle

    Third HRT prototype

    HRT Mini Bot prototype

    Deep Jungle mech prototype

    I personely think the prototypes looks... weird.

    Please comment and tell me your opinion.

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  • Kyleman230


    March 18, 2013 by Kyleman230

    When i was 5-7 i loved Exo-Force me and my cousin would look at lego magizines all day. When i got enough money to get them they were discontinued. So I joined up with Exo-Force wiki to try to help bring back Exo-Force.

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  • Testrel

    training day

    March 17, 2013 by Testrel

    Takeshi and Hikaru were in a traning battle against a couple of rooftop gunners.Hikaru's battle machine, the Sky Guardian,could fly. From up in the air,Hikaru fired a couple of blasts,one of wich knocked a cannon clear off it's post!    


    "Are you guys slow,or are you guys slow?"Asked Hikaru as he easily evaded several shots from another cannon.Takeshi however,was stuck on the ground in the Blade Titan,but he was doing well considering that the cannons could not aim at the place where he was;and even if they could,he had a sheild to deflect the laser bolts.   Takeshi aimed and fired a blast that knocked the barrel off of the cannon that tried but failed to shoot Hikaru out of the air.But the warning alarm sounded just as the blast struck. Hika…

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  • JediShepp

    This will be the first of a few entries of mine revolving around a specific set.

    This time around, 7704 - Sonic Phantom.

    Released in 2006, 7704 was one of the first non-mech released in the Exo-Force series.

    It may be an odd duck to review first, but it's the first one that made me feel different about the series. While the 2006-2008 sets I've build so far have been awesome, 7704 is the first that seems mediocre, bordering on a disappointment.

    That isn't to say that the set is bad, it just could have accomplished so much more.

    First, let me detail the set's features, then I'll tackle them one by one.

    1 - Light brick

    2 - Rotating gigantic fan/turbine blades (x4)

    3 - Green Devastator with red axle

    4 - Rubber tipped missile and launcher

    5 - Side aiming…

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  • Hewarth

    Hello, everyone! ; )

    In Exo-Force are many japanese words, names and symbols. I thought: Why dont translate them?

    Examples: Hitomi (ひとみ) - Student

                   Sentai (戦隊 ) - Squadron

                    Keiken (経験) - Experiance

    And on the most human Battle Machines, also are japanese stuff writen. Here some other examples.

                 On the Cyclone Defender and Blue Falcon: 虎 (Tiger)

                 On the Silent Strike: 空の王 (King of the sky)

                 On the Gate Defender: 鷹 (Falcon)

    I just wanna to ask for the permission to edit.

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  • JediShepp

    Codes Codes Codes!

    January 25, 2013 by JediShepp

    As the title says, I've been delving into the Exo-Force Code Bricks from the 2007 series.

    The main reason.... I did something very bad.

    I somehow managed to mix up all of my Code Bricks, so now I'm trying to figure out which one goes with which set.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Here they are below:

    • XFJKQJAG (orange brick) - I know this one's for 8101 - Claw Crusher
    • XF34ECHZ (green brick) - I know this one's for 8104 - Shadow Crawler
    • XFXYCKFU (white brick) - either Aero Booster or Blazing Falcon
    • XFBC1QY9 (white brick) - either Aero Booster or Blazing Falcon
    • XFJKR3NG
    • XFLPUR8J
    • XF9ASLR7
    • XFTU8L7R
    • XFUV4GPS

    Thanks in advance.

    Oh, and please feel free to add your own codes to the entries on the wiki.

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  • Jetzul


    Ha-ya-to slammed the joystick to the right, and the Areo Booster shot sideways madly, narrowly missing the three blasts from the Iron Condors. Without wasting a moment, the pilot slammed his fist on the fire button.

    The left cannon vomited a volley of green beams, which shattered the black night and soared towards their targets.

    “Gotcha!!” Ha-ya-to said, a grin appearing on his features. The breams slammed into the metal, causing huge explosions. “Well that takes care of that. Bow let’s-” His green eyes went wide. “No…no way…” The smoke cleared, and the black battle machine stood there, shielding the Iron Condors. Horror fell over his face. “No…how…why…”

    The cannon pointed his way. The battle machine fired all its rockets. Ha-ya-to wa…

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  • Hewarth

    Can i ask you something?

    January 21, 2013 by Hewarth

    Hello, everyone!

    Theres few questions that i ask me.

    1. Who is who?

      Sometimes, when i see the pictures of Swift and Tech, i cant accaunt a different.



    2. Why the most pilots have colored hair? To tell them apart?

    3. Who´s that guy repairing your Battle machine in the Exo-Force Pilot Training (Game)?

    4. What´s the name of the Golden Tower alternate Model?

    5. In the Wiki is writen that Sentry, Fire Vultures and Thunder Furies destroyed and discontinued in production.   But in the Deep Jungle (Game) there are some. Are they residual stocks ?

    6. In the Internet i often read that the name of the "Gate Guard" and/or "MDT Gunner", Genki is.

    What´s the name now? Is Tech (or Swift) just the nickname of this Genki? 

    Good bye and thank you !

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  • Hewarth

    To the Games!

    January 17, 2013 by Hewarth

    Hello everyone!

    I think its time, that the Exo-Force Games have their pages to!

    I already made pages for Sentai Showdown Batltle 1, Sentai Showdown Battle 2, Sentai Showdown Battle 3 (Thank Jeyo for the LInk), Exo-Force Shot Session, Exo-Force Pilot Training (Game) and Deep Jungle (Game).

    The Links are already there (by Shot Session SSB 1 and SSB 2 is under the game a magnifying glass with a to make it bigger).

    The only Games that lack are Speed Session and Smack Session.

    Its good, when you search for some Links or bad grammar in the pages and tell me.

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  • Hewarth


    I just wanted to make an Edit on Exo-Force and then i noticed.... THERE WAS NOTHING!!!!! O.O

    What happened?!?

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  • Hewarth

    Where is the Promotion

    January 15, 2013 by Hewarth


    I search long for promotions, but i only found (and buy) the Exo-Force Polybag (Takeshi), the Glider, the Green Exo Fighter and the Mini Jet Fighter.

    If you know where the other promotions to buy are, please let me know.

    And if you want to know where you can buy the promotions i´ve got, let me lisen.

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  • Eandeavor3

    Never give up

    December 3, 2012 by Eandeavor3

    Once upon a time there was awesome LEGO, and a small child loved it, but then a few years later, and he found out it was gone. He went around trying to find it the people at target said it was discontinued. The people at wal-mart said Fue descontinuada. The people at toywiz said we have it and you looked and uplink was $50 so now its up to the fans like us to bring this back together so NEVER GIVE UP!

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  • Smarty35

    Hello everyone! I'm Smarty35, one of the top 10 members of the wiki (as we all are, as of yet), grammarian, Exo-Force enthusiast, raging egotist, and, most importantly, amateur game designer. I've been working for a while on an Exo-Force Miniatures Game, using the Battle Machine sets to represent the actual Battle Machines in a supertactical game. As of yet it's overrun with defects, but I'm going to try to fix them. What I wrote this for, though, is to invite anyone interested to playtest the game. As I work on the problems I've noticed, I'd appreciate suggestions and pointing-out of problems, and of course general comments about the game. All you'll need is a few dice (6-sided) and the Battle Machines you want to have fight. The rules ca…

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  • Joev14

    Scheduled for Release in June 2013 (Cancelled)

    Previous Book: Book 4: Shades of Doom

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  • Joev14

    Scheduled for release in May 2013 (Cancelled)

    Previous Book: Book 3: Peace Origins

    Next Book: Book 5: Snowtop Secrets

    Goldzilla (A20 - Ryo): $25. Minibot: Gorilla Minibot

    Arc Angle (A21 - Hitomi): $30. Minibot: (something with wings, perhaps an Eagle) 

    Ice Demon (Blue Dev): $50 Minibot: Snake Minibot

    Snow Base (Includes a battle machine piloted by Ha-Ya-To called the A22 Sky Hawk): $90 Minibot: Raven Minibot

    Mega One (Energized Meca One): $50. Minibot: Dragon Minibot

    Details: The Energized Meca One will be completely black, with trans-red hands and eyes. The set would be a Tripedal Bridge Walker design, primarily black with some red accents.

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  • Jeyo


    May 21, 2012 by Jeyo

    So I've seen pages with Humans and robots and humans and Robots. How is the capitalization supposed to be? Should it be

    • Humans
    • Robots


    • humans
    • robots

    What say you guys? we'll need a consensus tostart the overhaul project.

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  • Joev14

    Multi-model set values

    May 16, 2012 by Joev14

    As you probably know, there are several exo-force sets that include multiple models, such as the Sentai Fortress, Gate Assault, and others. I've decided to make a list of aproximate values of each smaller model.

    Gate Assault $30 USD

    • Gate Defender: $5 USD
    • Sentry II: $5 USD
    • R-1 Rammer: $8 USD
    • Gate: $12 USD

    Bridge Walker vs. White Lightning $50 USD

    • White Lightning: $10 USD
    • Bridge Walker: $40 USD

    Sentai Fortress $100 USD

    • Iron Drone Foot Soldiers & Venom Walker: $7
    • Gate Guardian: $3 USD
    • Venom I: $15 USD
    • Silent Strike: $20 USD
    • Sentai Fortress: $55 USD

    Sentai Golden Tower $50 USD

    • Sonic Raven: $20 USD
    • Sentai Golden Tower: $30 USD

    Combat Crawler X2 $50 USD

    • Mini Rocket Speeder: $3 USD
    • Iron Condor II: $12USD
    • Combat Crawler Main Body: $32 USD

    Mobile Devastator $90 USD

    • Blazi…
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  • Joev14

    Alright, I recently got exo-force books 1-5 again, and even though I've read through them before, I wanted to make sure that my favorite was still the same, and it is.

    Book 1 is probably my second favorite, its got enough action in it to make it fun, and it has a point to it. To rescue Takeshi's family. Though my main problem with this book is its far too short and only centers around one character, Hikaru. If you don't mind a slow-going start and like adventure more then action, I would recommend reading this book.

    Books 2 and 3 I won't even go into detail on, they are just slightly better worded versions of comics 18-28, and they don't cover any new events or anything that wasn't in the comics. Due to these essentially being the same as the …

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  • Joev14

    Released May 2012

    To understand this story, it may be a good idea to read exo-force online comics 27-38

    Previous Book: Book 1: The Gorge

    Next Book: Book 3: Peace Origins

    ' Kye (pronounced KY) rushed down the steps that led to his house. He swerved round the corner at top speed, nearly knocking over a merchant that was selling fruit at the side of the road. He continued running down the street. Kye’s father had sent for him; Kye’s father was one of the most well-known scientists in the entire Golden City, and was currently working on a breakthrough discovery in the progress of renewable power. Kye came to a large building on the left side of town, he walked in, and a secretary at the front desk nodded her head, pointing at an elevator on the …

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  • Joev14

    Released in June 2012

    Previous Book: Book 2: Golden City Origins

    Next Book: Book 4: Shades of Doom

    You may expect this story to be about the days when the robots lived at peace with the humans, but those stories are simple and boring. No, this book tells the tale of peace after the dreaded robots were forced into the deep pit between the two halves of the mountain known as the Gorge. This is the tale telling the story of how the robots recovered in the Gorge, and how the humans managed to defend their home against the robots, even though we, the humans, only had simple mining vehicles. It is a tale of many deaths, a tale of near defeat, a tale of sacrifices that resulted in the survival of humanity as we know it. I am Sensei Keiken, and this …

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  • Joev14

    Alright, this has been bugging me for a long time, so I'm going to post a list and info on all the different conflicting canon images and info I can, first off, is the power core size...

    So what's the actual size of a Power Core? it's very very confusing, the actual lego models show that they are about the same height as a minifigure (About 4 feet high to scale), taking into consideration that the minifigures aren't to the same scale as the manga characters. In the official Exo-Force promo video, it's shown being about the same height as the manga character (about 6 feet high to scale), but in the Exo-Force animated series, they are shown to be much smaller then a manga character (about 2 feet high to scale), In the official comics, there's…

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  • Joev14

    So I found these on an art website, they're so cute :3

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  • Joev14

    Alright, I've had many people ask me, "So Joev, who's your favorite character?" Well, I love them all really :P. I'll go into a small detailed explanation for why I like them all, then tell you who my favorite is.

    The first in this list has to be Takeshi, he's known as the unofficial leader of the exo-force team, a position that would be official if Hikaru wasn't also fighting for it My first set I ever got was the Grand Titan, and Takeshi is iconic to me because he's the fighter, all the others on the team use battle tactics, but Takeshi is firm in his footsteps, and he never stops shooting, primarily because of his past and his family being captured. Probably one of my favorite movements in the entire series is when Takeshi uses his middle…

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