Book 1: Escape from Sentai Mountain is the first book in the Exo-Force chapter book series.

The book was scheduled to release in September 2006, The Author of this Book is Greg Farshtey. Exo-Force is a valiant team of young heroes who pit their skill, their intelligence, and the power of their armor against their merciless robotic enemies. ExoForce is about conflict, heroes, and bravery in the face of overwhelming odds.


The story is centered around Hikaru, who goes to the Robot side of the mountain and finds Yukio, Takeshi's father, and the rest of Takeshi's family. He rescues them, but is attacked by a Sonic Phantom that had been desigend by Yukio. With Yukio's help, Hikaru defeats the Sonic Phantom and reunites Takeshi with his family.

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