Green Exo Fighter
Green Exo Fighter
Green Exo Fighter Information
Affiliation Humans
Armor Unknown, presumed Steel
Power Source Unknown
Weapons Laser
Pilot Ryo
Status Unknown
Location Unknown

The Green Exo Fighter is a promotional set released 2007.


  • The green Exo Fighter was a promotion from Duracell with 19 pieces, to build the Green Exo Fighter and a Ryo minifigure.
  • It's not been seen in the story.
  • It´s an Exo-Suit.

Set Information

  • Released: 2007
  • Item Number: 3886
  • Pieces: 19


  • Three versions of this set were released: The normal boxed version, a polybagged version, and a boxed version that came with a Duracell battery pack. All versions of the set were available free through promotions.




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