The laser is the most common weapon used by Battle Machines. It uses energy to create an incisive blast that is fired at an enemy. It is practical, long-range, efficient and potent, therefore making it very popular. Due to their lack of projectiles, they don't require frequent reloads: they draw power directly from their unit's power core. As battle machines are designed to be operated for quite some time, this gives them an almost unlimited power supply in a battle.

Weapon Mechanics

The laser is a device that uses a quantum mechanical effect (induced or stimulated emission) to generate a synchronized beam of light. The weapon derived from this usually concentrates the light into blasts and slows it. This accelerates damage dealt per second but limits individual blast damage. Most military lasers are designed to dissipate after enduring a certain amount of resistance in order to prevent friendly fire through enemies. Battle Machine armor can cause the blasts to dissipate early, thus mitigating their damage.


Bridge Walker5

B.W.3 firing its lasers

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