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  • Hey there Melli! I just got done with my first year of college this month and got an itch to take out my old Exo-Foce sets. How's it been going?

    Joev14, Respect the Green 01:32, May 30, 2016 (UTC)

    P.S. Happy 10th anniversary of Exo-Force!

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  • There are wrong links on Combat Crawler's page. This link must be link to page Armor-piercing claws. Excuse me for bad English. I am Russian

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Mile, are you interested in create your own Exo-Force Battle Machines?, Characters?, Stories?...MOCs? Please if you want to, visit Custom Exo-Force Wiki, there you can create your own MOCs and stories. (Please I need people :))

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  • Hey Melli!

    Did you ever thought about a fan art with Tech in it?

    I am just asking because he is my favorite character and i never saw a fan art with him in it.

    You could draw him and Ryo (and maybe Hitomi) repairing something.

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  • I noticed the This isn't something very important, but... page and that you mean to create a talk page.

    It happened to me too. (I wanted to make a talk page about the Blue Falcon and his Hyper-Blaster )

    I added a delete template to the page. Maybe you should contact joev...

    Which massive image did you mean? We could talk about that here.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hey there!

    I noticed that you replaced my armor-piercing claw with a much better one! :D

    They are from the Online Comics, right?

    I also think that we could need more images of the Iron Condor and Shadow Crawler.

    I would do it myself but i am a little bit dumb at computer things. :P

    Well...Have a nice Day! (or night.)

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  • Hi!

    I wrote a new fanfiction and i am pretty sure that it is my best!

    I would really enjoy if you read it and tell me your opinion to it!

    It is even longer than the others!

    It is called "The Last Battle"

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  • Hello, it's Hidron from BZP :D

    I got a theory about the golden city and you're the only one I know that would understand it xD

    (Also, hellooo :D After such a long time)

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    • In my idea the Golden City was a project made by Keiken and some researchers finalized to 'build the perfect city for the researchers' and their families (In my 'game' the first humans that moved on the Sentai Mountain were a group of researchers sent there, with their families, to study the misterious power inside the mountain. They built houses, machines and anything they needed to live and prosper using the special mineral of the mountain as energy source. The same mineral is also supposed to fuel the mechs from the 1st era (2006-07). Then the robots rebelled, and an explosion in a mine set up a chain reaction that split the mountain etc.)

      It's scary the idea of a person 'used', maybe not completly willingly, to become the GC computer and kept in a chamber underground. One of the developers of the GC drugged and 'fused', with mind and body, to the machines. I wonder what would happen to the GC if his personality wakes up again... scary D:

      Well... dunno, they liked gold I guess? :\

      Also, I still don't know why the humans don't simply leave that mountain :\

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    • Wow. That can connect all the dots. Except for the gold.

      I thought the mountain was a refuge from the world below. That the world had become utopian, but also completely nuclear and then a buttload of stuff happens that blows up all the powerplants, rendering all the land inhospitable. To escape from the radioactive dust that is left behind from the incident, people fleed to higher ground, like mountains.

      This would probably explain why the jungle is implied to have massive and weird creatures, and also why they can't leave the mountain.

      For the GC personality, I almost saw it as a woman connected to it ever since her first breath. Like she was born with a difficiency and the scientists save her by linking her up as an experiment. She is kept alive by the life support system with her connection, but as it is the only sort of existence she knows, she yearns not to be freed. 

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • LOL TIME! >:D

    Lego Exoforce 2007 (Cantonese)00:24

    Lego Exoforce 2007 (Cantonese)

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  • I noticed that the Meca One Clone in Comic 38 (who was disguised as Sensei Keiken) have a different Body (especialy the head).

    I suspect (And i´m pretty sure) that his body was different designed to be more human-like.

    Do you think you could upload a image, where the differents are good to see?

    I would advise to take an image from Comic 38, because there´s a good view.

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