Golden City - possible VAN-Force Model

Naoe-Force combo model promotional sheet.

This combo model is named Naoe-Force and was designed by Kawamori Shoji (of Macross fame) and Naoe Kazuyoshi (a Lego Master Builder).

It is unknown if this combo model is part of the VAN-Force series or not. It doesn't look like it can transform into any other mode, and it uses Golden City era sets. Naoe-Force also aesthetically looks very different from the other VAN-Force mechs, including the fact that it does not appear to have it's own unique sticker set. Another fact is that the mech does not have a cockpit.

Much of the aesthetics of Naoe-Force reflects Naoe Kazuyoshi's own Neo-Force series of custom combo Exo-Force models (which look AWESOME, by the way), including the use of minifigures as articulated hands, and that most do not have cockpits for Exo-Force pilots.

However, it appears that none of the other Neo-Force mechs were part of a promotion or campaign (even if unofficial) by or with Lego or any related conventions. That being the case, this combo model will be grouped with the officially unofficial VAN-Force.

Constructed from 8102 - Sky Guardian and 8103 - Blade Titan.

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