Nightmare Lab

Ha-Ya-To in the Nightmare Lab

The Nightmare Lab was a large set of abandoned chambers that Ha-Ya-To traveled into to retrieve a codebrick; there he was followed by a Shadow Crawler, and they were both trapped. It was also here that they discovered a large bat-like monster called Nightmare 3, 'created' by some human scientists during the Golden City's previously unknown history. There were many golden battle machines down there, some undamaged, some didn't even look like battle machines anymore (the creature had destroyed several of them). Attached to one of the battle machines, Ha-Ya-To found the codebrick he had come for, and was about to escape when the creature attacked. The Devastator piloting the Shadow Crawler and Ha-Ya-To realized neither of them could make it out alive unless they worked together, so they devised a trap for the creature. They were able to escape, and go back to their normal lives, in this instance, the Devastator shows an uncommon trait: fairness, by allowing Ha-Ya-To to leave without even trying to take the code from him, stating that it had some things to think about, and wasn't going to need the code to do that.

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