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ATTENTION all members of this exo-force wiki, the owner of this wiki, Sparky!, has agreed to merge this wiki with Joev14's wiki at this link here,, please move all your data from your talk pages and user pages to his wiki emidiatly. in 2 weeks from this message's post date, all imformation on this wiki will be deleted along with it (Save for any data worth keeping that will be moved to Joev14's wiki). please comply quickly with this act. this is a very serious and important message. also if you are wondering how you can help out with the moving, there are a few pages who's information still need to be moved to Joev14's wiki, you can go to the Moving page and see the list of pictures, words, etc. that still needs to be moved.

Sincerly, Joev14 and Sparky! 00:03, September 1st, 2010 (UTC)

Exo-Force Wiki is an wiki about Exo-Force. All the info relating to Exo-Force is here to find. LEGO has stopped with Exo-Force but you can find all the info of it here.

Welcome to the Lego Exo-Force wiki. Glad you are here. We are trying to give you all the information of Exo-Force. The line has stopped now over 2 years, but that don't stop us. The complete storyline of Exo-Force is nowhere avaible so we will try to give you all the info.
Sparky Creator of


24 May 2010: I created a new logo and changed the skin to Jade. Also the main page got a little makeover. Hope you like it.
2 June 2010: Looks like school is over that means, we are all able to edit pages since we have more time now.

Please use this template when u create a battle machine page. Replace the words with the info needed Template:Battle Machine


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Aero Booster Blazing Hunter Chameleon Hunter
Cyclone Defender Exo-Force Wiki Gallery: Human Battle Machines
Grand Titan Hikaru Iron Condor
Iron Drone Magnalink Main Page
Mountain Warrior Robots Ryo
Sentai Fortress Silent Strike Stealth Hunter
Storm Lasher Supernova Takeshi
Uplink Venom One Venom walker
White Lightning

Gallery:Human Battle Machines

White Lightning Comic



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This is the Exo-Force Wiki on Spanish Language

Exo-Force Wiki On Spanish

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