Robot Deep Jungle Battle Machine 2
Img 8115-8117 model02 465x342 154c
Robot Deep Jungle Battle Machine 2 Information
Affiliation Robots
Armor Unknown, presumed Tenatium
Power Source Unknown, presumed Magnetized Nuclear Plasma
Weapons Feet Claws
Poison Spikes
Laser Cannon
Large Claw
Lasers beneath the cockpit
Insectoid Bot
Pilot Iron Drone, presumed Meca One
Status Destroyed
Location Deep Jungle

The Robot Deep Jungle Battle Machine 2 (also known as Striking Nightmare) is the Combination Model of the Dark Panther and the Storm Lasher.


Meca One Piloting this Battle Machine on the moment of the Exo-Force Team encounter the Sensei Keiken on the Deep Jungle later the Exo-Force team defeat Meca One and this Battle Machine.


Set Information


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