Robot Reaper 1.0
Robot Reaper 1.0
Robot Reaper 1.0 Information
Affiliation Robots
Armor Unknown, presumed Tenatium
Power Source Power Core
Weapons Electro Claws
Mono-synth heat blades
Pilot Devastator
Status Unknown
Location Unknown

The Robot Reaper 1.0 is an Alternative model. It is a combination of the Stealth Hunter and the Fire Vulture. Both the Robot Reaper 1.0 and the Blazing Hunter can be made at the same time.


Hovering Reaper 1.0 units prowl the slopes of the Robot side of Sentai Mountain, searching for mineral ore, scrapped battle machines for salvage, and Exoforce spies. equiped with electro-claws, mono-synth heat blades and a illuminated search eye, these antigrav drones possess a limited artificial intelligence enchaned by direct interface with a robot pilot. If a reaper spots you outside your battle machine, don't look back - just run!


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