Lego-Exo-Force-Secret-of-the-Golden-Tower 51OJlC5hQwL

Secret of the Golden Tower is a puzzle book aimed for younger children and contains several simple puzzles such as crosswords, wordfinds, and unscramble-the-word puzzles.

The book was released in September 2007, The Author of this Book is Allison Lassieur


A short book aimed for younger audiences. It consists of a short story featuring the five main members of exo-force as they travel through a strange passageway, trying to find clues and solve puzzles. The reader is supposed to use the clues given to figure out puzzles, to advance in the book. Though at the end we find out basically all the puzzles that were solves were for no reason, there's no special trivia or information revealed when the reader finishes.

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