The Golden Tower

The Golden Tower

The Sentai Golden Tower is a large structure located directly in the center of the Sentai Golden City. It powers the entire city's defenses and maintains itself very well. It has a large laser emitted from its top which powers up the city's cloaking device.


A large tower positioned in the center of the city that has a large laser beam coming out of the top. That beam is what originally cloaked the City. It consists of three levels, the roof, the Golden City Computer room, and the Codebrick room.


Golden Tower
As Takeshi, Hikaru and Ryo discovered the Golden City entered they the Golden Tower. Inside of it they discovered the Blade Titan, the Sky Guardian and the Cyclone Defender and revealed the first wave of information by putting the first Code into the Golden City Motherboard Computer. When the robots first entered the Golden City, a devastator inside an Iron Condor attached a Micro Chip to the side of the Golden City Motherboard Computer, allowing any codes and files downloaded, uploaded or entered, to be sent to the robots' side of the mountain, making it so whenever the humans located a codebrick, the robots would known exactly where the codebrick's location was also.

After the rest of Exo-Force moved in the City and many assaults on the Golden City entered Ryo a Code into the Computer which activated a strong jamming field which has a devastating effect to the robots. Since then, both factions knew that the Tower is the most important defense of the humans.

Inside the Golden Tower

Inside of the Golden Tower

To allow the Ground troops of the robot army to invade the City, the robots tried multiple assaults onto the Golden Tower by keeping above the field. After many of them failed did Hitomi discover the Computer Bug and informed her comrades about it. Ryo and Hitomi were able to get it off and deactivated it.

Later Hikaru, Takeshi, Ryo and Hayato were sent to Sentai Fortress to discover a disc and were ambushed. They discovered that the disc was deleted and figured out that something was wrong. As they returned to the Golden City they discovered that a disguised clone of Meca One, who seemed to be immune against the jamming field, destroyed the Main Computer with a sledgehammer and deactivated the jamming field. The whole robot army attacked the Golden City and unleashed the Mobile Devastator. The pilots of Exo-Force used a magnetic device to turn the inside of the Golden Tower into a giant magnet. Ryo build a portable jammer and stopped the robots at the last minute.

The Tower was most likely repaired after this event.


The Golden Tower in Set-form

Set Information

  • Year released: 2007
  • Price: $50 USD (with Sonic Raven)
  • Apx value if sold separately: $30 USD
  • Item Number: 8107
  • Exo-Code Brick: XF12J7FY, XFNP624K (different sets received different codes)
  • Alternative Model: Golden Tower alternate Model

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