• Mainscreen Menu from Smack Session
  • Mainscreen Menu from Shot Session
  • Mainscreen Menu from Speed Session
  • Mainscreen Menu from Sentai Showdown 1
  • Mainscreen Menu from Sentai Showdown 2
  • Mainscreen Menu from Sentai Showdown 3
  • Playing as the Aero Booster in Sentai Showdown 2 as a Sonic Raven approaches
During 2007, Lego released a series of 6 games, 3 training missions: Smack Session, Shot Session, and Speed Session, to prepare you for 3 levels of a series called Sentai Showdown parts 1, 2, and 3.


The player started by choosing a battle machine, weapons, and legs that were avaliable based off how many codes the player had typed in on the codebrick central.

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