Tech Information
Current battle machine N/A
Hair color Black
Eye color Blue

Tech is a gunner on the Exo-Force Team.


Tech appears in the First Gate as a Turret Pilot. Later he was informing Ha-Ya-To about an activity at one of the secondary Bridges. After the Exo-Force Team moved to the golden city, Tech is seen along with Swift manning Golden City Turrets.



Tech at the controls of a turret

  • Tech is a member of the Assistance and Technology Unit of Exo-Force
  • Often Tech's minifigure is unofficially refered to as "Genki", who was planned to be a more fleshed out Exo-Force member, but was later dropped and made generic.
  • Regarding the minifigure, "Tech" is a job title or position, and not a name. The minifigure does not have any established name, character, or even gender.
  • The Tech minifigure is considered a nameless background stand-in, similar to random people in a crowd shot on a TV show or movie.
  • Tech has the same minifigure representation as Swift. The two minifigures are more or less interchangeable as far as the sets are concerned.
  • The Tech/"Genki"/Swift minifigures use Hikaru's normal and aggressive face designs, but without the visor, and Ryo's orange AT.01 uniform.

Battle Machines

  • N/A (Turret Gunner)



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