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    Jungle Thrasher parts list

    September 18, 2014 by Hewarth
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    I wrote this Exo-Force Fanfiction because i thought that it would be interesting to know what happened during the move out. This story happens Comic 30 and describes what could happened during the travel.

    Sentai Fortress.

    Once a massive monument of hope and the headquarters of the Exo-Force team. It won many battles and made civilians, pilots and technicans feel safe. After the attack of the Striking Venom however, it was badly damaged and the robots increased their forces with new, menacing Battle machines. Every human and robot knew that the fortrees wouldn't stand a second attack.

    "On man... How are we supposed to win the war if our base lies in ruins?" complained Ha-Ya-To as he flew above the HQ in his White Lightning. He and his comrades…

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    Some Comics

    December 7, 2013 by Hewarth

    Hey everybody!

    I know it was planned that we make an article for the physical Comics of Exo-Force but everyone seems to forgot about it.

    So here is a list of all physical Comics we currently have!

    (Also thank you AG-Systems for uploading some.)


    These are some the Comics from the Boxes from 2006:

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    A second Supernova?!?

    September 8, 2013 by Hewarth

    Hey there!

    I was reading Comic 10 and noticed that in Ryo's Lab is a battle machine with yellow legs. The questionable is that the Supernova (The only yellow battle machine in the era) was already on the battlefield. I thought for a bit and made some opportunities:

    1. There was planed to be a second Supernova.
    2. It was the prototype of the Supernova.
    3. It was just a artist's error.

    Please note that the opportunities are just presumptions.

    Write your opinions and own theories in the comment sections!

    I would enjoy to read them and discuss with you! :)

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    Hi! I was the opinion that it was kinda sad that the Exo Force storyline was never told in the end. For that reason did I wrote this short story is I try to make an ending to the Exo-Force storyline.

    ATTENTION! This IS only a fanfiction and contains 2 non-canon names. To understand this story it would be a good idea to read Comic 39 first.

    This story could may contain grammatical failures/mistakes. If you spot any, please tell me where.

    Please comment if you liked or disliked the story.

    Near the base of Sentai Mountain was a mysterious jungle full of pitfalls both natural and left behind by the ancient, long-vanished builders of the Golden City far above. A team of brave, young pilots was sent there to rescue their leader and to put an end to the…

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