Hello, everyone!

Theres few questions that i ask me.

  1. Who is who?

  Sometimes, when i see the pictures of Swift and Tech, i cant accaunt a different.



Swift rescured by Ryo

Comic Techjpg

Tech in the Comic 5


Comic 6.26

Tech later in Comic 5

Unnamed pilot 2

Is this Swift or Tech? Are they brother´s maybe?

2. Why the most pilots have colored hair? To tell them apart?

3. Who´s that guy repairing your Battle machine in the Exo-Force Pilot Training (Game)?

4. What´s the name of the Golden Tower alternate Model?

5. In the Wiki is writen that SentryFire Vultures and Thunder Furies destroyed and discontinued in production.   But in the Deep Jungle (Game) there are some. Are they residual stocks ?

6. In the Internet i often read that the name of the "Gate Guard" and/or "MDT Gunner", Genki is.


Is this Swift, Tech or this "Genki"?

What´s the name now? Is Tech (or Swift) just the nickname of this Genki? 

Good bye and thank you !

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