Hi! I was the opinion that it was kinda sad that the Exo Force storyline was never told in the end. For that reason did I wrote this short story is I try to make an ending to the Exo-Force storyline.

ATTENTION! This IS only a fanfiction and contains 2 non-canon names. To understand this story it would be a good idea to read Comic 39 first.

This story could may contain grammatical failures/mistakes. If you spot any, please tell me where.

Please comment if you liked or disliked the story.

Chapter 1

Battle In The Jungle!

Near the base of Sentai Mountain was a mysterious jungle full of pitfalls both natural and left behind by the ancient, long-vanished builders of the Golden City far above. A team of brave, young pilots was sent there to rescue their leader and to put an end to the long and dreadful war between humans and robots. Takeshi, Hikaru, Ryo and Ha-Ya-To were on their way to the deep jungle, equipped with amazing Battle Machines.

Unfortunately, the robots were in possession of new, animal-like battle machines and Mini Bots. "Ryo! Did you figure out where Sensei Keiken is?" asked Hikaru while he dodged the laser beams of a Storm Lasher.

Ryo sat in the detachable flying vehicle of the Hybrid Rescue Tank and shot the attacking Storm Lasher down before he answered: "NO! These Storm Lashers don´t let me search!"

Hikaru gnashed his teeth as he heard Ryo and continued to shoot at the Arachnoid Stalkers.

Deep Jungle
The robots ambushed his team and tried everything to defeat the Exo-Force! Hikaru glanced to his friend Takeshi and saw how he fought against two Dark Panthers. The first one leaped into the direction of the Assault Tiger and got slashed by the Buzzsaw, while the second one was shot by the Plasma pulse cannon!

"Hikaru! Watch out!" shouted Ha-Ya-To as he saw how three Arachnoid Stalkers attacked the Chameleon Hunter. Hikaru dodged and shot with his Flame Thrower Cannon at the six-legged battle machines! He knew that they have to change their tactics if they want to win.

"RYO! HA-YA-TO! Try to keep the Storm Lashers busy! Takeshi and I will take care of the Dark Panthers and Arachnoid Stalkers!" shouted Hikaru!

HRT flier
Ha-Ya-To nodded and fired at the Mini Dragonfly Bots. He saw how two Jetpack Drones flew behind Ryo and shot twice with the Cannon arm of his River Dragon! The laser beams hit the back of the robots and made them fell to the ground! Ryo noticed that and activated his Mini Flying Bot to give himself cover. He looked at two oncoming Storm Lashers and shot at the left bladed turbine of the right battle machine! The Iron Drone lost the control of his machine and crashed into the other one! The young inventor smiled as the two robot battle machines crashed into a giant tree. On the ground fought Takeshi and Hikaru side on side against five Arachnoid Stalkers and three Dark Panthers.
Mini Spider Bot
The two pilots activated their Mini Bots and began to fire at the robots! One was not able to dodge and was immediately destroyed. The other robots split up and activated their own Mini Bots to overpower the humans. The robots surrounded the pilots of the Exo-Force and attacked them from every side! The Assault Tiger used his Buzzsaw to slice a Dark Panther and crushed a Mini Tick Bot with the massive leg, while the Chameleon Hunter dodged the Laserbeams! Hikaru aimed with his Flame Thrower Cannon at the cockpit of an Arachnoid Stalker and melted the Devastator! Takeshi used his Tiger´s Roar Sonic Emitter and unleashed a high-pitched Tiger's roar to cause disorientation to the robots, which gave him and Hikaru enough time to destroy two Dark Panthers and three Arachnoid Stalkers!

The last Arachnoid Stalker ejected the cockpit into a Mini Jet Pod and retreated!

The two looked up and saw how Ryo and Ha-Ya-To defeated the last Storm Lasher.

"Boy! This new Battle Machines are amazing! I felt like I was unbeatable!" said Takeshi while he watched how the miniature Jet attached to the HRT.

Ryo smiled at his comrades and said with an optimistic voice, "Yeah. And during the fight could i spot two locations where Sensei Keiken could be. They are both in the direction where the Mobile Devastator drove. I think it would be the best idea to send the Mini Water Bot and the Mini Jungle Bot to each location to see what´s there."

"Are you sure? Are our Mini Bots even suitable for spying and scouting missions?" asked Ha-Ya-To.

Ryo waited a while and answered, "Ha-Ya-To. Look at the right Shoulder of your River Dragon."

Ha-Ya-To did was he was told and read "SPY DRONE".

"Oh. That makes sense..." said the red haired pilot with a blushed face and pushed a button.

The Cannon arm of his battle machine transformed into the Mini Water Bot and left with the Mini Jungle Bot the pilots.

Hikaru glanced at the tracks of the Mobile Devastator and said to his comrades, "Okay, let´s follow the tracks of the Mobile Devastator until we got more informations"

All pilots nodded and made their way into the jungle.

Meca One looked at a kneeling Devastator and waited for a report.

The Devastator looked at his leader and reported, "The Ambush failed. The humans overpowered us with brute force and luck."

"They definitely follow the tracks of the Mobile Devastator. And they definitely don´t know that their leader is in a completely different location!" said the golden robot with a metallic voice as he looked at the captured Sensei.

He went to the old man and said, "You humans are pathetic. You could just give up and serve us, but instead you try to resist and fight against our superior logic and force."

"You will never win, Meca One!" shouted the Sensei.

Meca One looked at the monitor that shows the memories of his creator and said, "Tell me Creator. How many flesh creatures tried to defeat us and failed? And how many died?"

"You caused so much suffering. To build you was truly my greatest mistake i´ve ever done!" said Seinsei Keiken with a expression of hate and anger.

The golden robot looked at his inventor for a while and said, "You call the ultimate robot a mistake? However. Soon i will know the location of the outpost. And then I will rule!"

Chapter 2

The Diversion

The four pilots crossed the deep jungle and followed the tracks of the Mobile Devastator.

The jungle was much denser than before and on the trees were several animals who watched every step of the battle machines.

"I wonder why they don´t attack us." said Ryo as he glanced to a Panther.

Hikaru kept focused on the tracks and said, "I guess they are clever enough to know that it is not a good idea to attack giant machines with weapons. Try to keep focused on our mission."

Suddenly six Arachnoid Stalkers attacked from above! One of them landed on the Hybrid Rescue Tank and uses
Trying with hrt
its Paralysis-Causing Computer Virus Injectors! Hikaru shot immediately with his Electro Shock Claw at the spider-like machine and destroyed it!

"The mandibles of the Arachnoid Stalker injected a virus into my tank! I can´t control it!" shouted Ryo with a distressed voice as he inspects the damage!

"Understood! Try to fix it! Hikaru will give you cover!" called Takeshi out as he sawed an Arachnoid Stalker!

Ha-Ya-To and Takeshi were able defeat three of the Arachnoid Stalkers and the last wanted to retreat.

Dark Panther2
Takeshi aimed at the metal spider and hit it with one single shot! As he turned around could he saw how a Dark Panther jumped into the direction of the River Dragon and shouted, "WATCH OUT!"

Ha-Ya-To turned around and looked with a frightened expression how the Dark Panther lunges towards him. The four-legged machine was almost in front of the River Dragon as suddenly five vines came from two directions and teared the Dark Panther apart!

Ha-Ya-To grinned as he saw it and said with a happy voice, "Thanks, jungle! I really start to like you!"

As the red-haired pilot finished his sentence attacked the vines suddenly him too! Takeshi slashed the vines just in time and said, "It seems like the jungle don´t like you back."

"I eliminated the virus! We can move forward!" informed Ryo his comrades and drove his Tank to a safer location.

The pilots were now at a diversion and checked out what the Mini Water Bot and the Mini Jungle Bot found.

Hikaru looked at the screen where he could everything see what the Mini Bot saw. He saw a robot base with at least fifty prisoners and the pilotless Mobile Devastator!

Ha-Ya-To however saw on his screen another base with Meca One and Sensei Keiken!

Takeshi looked at his teammates for a moment and asked, "What should we do? We can´t let the prisoners just be there and if we attack one base after the other are they definitely warned."

Hikaru thought a bit how they could save both and said calmly, "We could split up. One team saves Sensei Keiken and the other team saves the prisoners. I think I could even sneak up on the Mobile Devastator and prevent the robots to man it."

"This is a great idea! If we take over the Mobile Devastator could we evacuate them in it and send them safely to the Golden City! I guess it would be the best if I and Ha-Ya-To take care of Sensei Keiken. He has the HRT in a way designed that i can pilot it alone, but if i detach the flying vehicle would the lower half just stand still." explained Ryo.

The other pilots nodded and split up to save the prisoners and Sensei Keiken at the same time!

Chapter 3

The Rescue of Sensei Keiken!

Ryo and Ha-Ya-To was on their way to the first base and tried to be as quiet as possible. As they were near the base found Ha-Ya-To his Mini Water Bot and attached it to the Arm of his River Dragon again.

River dragon litttlee...

"My tank is not built for stealthy actions... I think it would be better if you try to sneak into the base. If anything happens call me and I´m coming as fast as possible." said Ryo as he quietly drove his tank into a safe hideout.

Ha-Ya-To nodded and flew between the treetops. Hidden in the leaves could he see how multiple robots patrolling around the area and a giant tree with a build in robot base. The supporting beams, platforms and small buildings reminded him a bit on a giant metal Treehouse. On one platform saw he Meca One who looked at a monitor and Sensei Keiken in a small cage with strange hi-tech devices. Meca One went closer to the monitor and turned his full attention to the screen.

If the golden robot could smile would he definitely do it.

"The location of the outpost is finally ours! This flesh creature is now useless! Execute it!" ordered the golden robot as he pointed at Sensei Keiken!

Ha-Ya-To could not believe what he heard and began to shoot at the robots on the platform!

"Ryo! NOW!" screamed the pilot of the River Dragon in his microphone!

Keiken blaster
Immediately appeared the HRT in the battle field and shot at every robot! Meca One didn´t hesitate and retreated with three guards! Ha-Ya-To landed on the platform and opened the cage of his Sensei! The wise man grabbed a Blaster on the ground and ran downstairs! Protected by the River Dragon reached the Sensei the jungle ground and ran to the Hybrid Rescue Tank! He opened the Cockpit and sat himself into it. Ryo wanted to ask his Sensei if he knows how to control the HRT but then he spotted twelve Arachnoid Stalkers and seven Dark Panthers! Sensei Keiken shot immediately a short volley of laser beams in the direction of the robots!

All robots dodged and a pilot of Dark Panther said, "Dodging accomplished! His aiming skills are deficient! Conclusion: Victory will be ours!"

"I didn´t even aimed at you." said the Sensei with a smile as he watched how the supporting beams behind the robots broke.

The robots couldn´t react fast enough and the giant platform fell on them! The platform crashed every robot and Ryo gasped as he saw how his Sensei defeated nineteen battle machines in less than ten seconds!

The Sensei noticed that Hikaru and Takeshi aren´t there and asked Ryo, "Where are Takeshi and Hikaru? Are they on their way to the outpost?"

Ryo looked at his leader and answered, "No, Sir! There is another base of the robots and Hikaru and Takeshi are trying to take over the Mobile Devastator and to rescue fifty prisoners. The coordinates are on the screen."

The Sensei looked at the screen and noticed that the base is in the same direction as the outpost.

"Good. We will meet with Hikaru and Takeshi and then we will drive to the Outpost!" said the Sensei as he drove the HRT into the jungle, followed by the River Dragon.

As Meca One and his guards escaped the battle entered they a secret base.

The leader of the robots turned to a Devastator and asked, "Is my new Battle Machine complete?"

The loyal Devastator nodded and reported, "Yes, leader! We just finished the construction!"

"Excellent. Inform every unit where the outpost is and order them to take over the outpost at all cost!" ordered the golden robot!

The Devastator saluted and asked, "Understood! Which duplicate of you shall pilot the Striking Nightmare?"

Meca One waited a bit and spoke, "None. I don´t want any failure! I will pilot it personally!"

The golden leader entered a hangar and stood before a giant battle machine with a large claw, a large Laser cannon, and several other weapons.

He looked at an insect-like drone and sat himself into the cockpit of the Striking Nightmare.

Meca One joined the battle.

Chapter 4

The Takeover of the Mobile Devastator!

Hidden in the dense jungle lurked Hikaru and Takeshi with the Mini Jungle Bot. They watched a glade with a base of the robots and waited for a good moment to strike. The base got many guards and in a giant rock was a built-in prison. At the metallic building was dozens of battle machines and weapons.

Hikaru turned to the Assault Tiger and said quietly, "I will use my built-in camo-phores and sneak to the Mobile Devastator. Help me to keep the robots away from it. Our Mini Bots will guard the prison and defend the prisoners. Okay?"

Takeshi nodded and activated his Mini Heat Bot. He watched how his friend vanished and waited for a sign.
Mini Heat bot
The now invisible Chameleon Hunter walked carefully to the giant, wheeled battle machine. As he was close to the Mobile Devastator, saw Hikaru that there was only three Devastators, a duplicate of Meca One and a Dark Panther as guards. Hikaru shot with his Flame Thrower Cannon right into the cockpit and destroyed the Devastator pilot! The Meca One clone ran to the cockpit but Hikaru stomped with the mechanical leg on the robot! The other three robots were shot by the Electro Shock Claw! Every robot turned their attention to the green battle machine and ran to their battle machines! Takeshi immediately joined the fight and shot at the Arachnoid Stalkers! He noticed three barrels with fuel and a generator and shot at it! The explosion destroyed dozens of battle machines and robots! At the prison defeated the Mini Bots several Iron Drones and defended the humans! There were only two Arachnoid Stalkers left and the the two pilots were sure that they win! Suddenly came a scorpion-like machine out of the jungle and fired at the Assault Tiger!

"Two Battle Machines attack the prison base. Battle Scorpion preparing to attack." said the pilot as he shot at the Exo-Force!

The tail of the Battle Scorpion took out and threw a photon bomb into the direction of Takeshi! The bomb landed near by the Assault Tiger and explode! Although that Takeshi could dodge and avoid heavier damage knocked the Shockwave the Assault Tiger over! As the yellow machine lay on the ground came the Battle Scorpion to the Assault Tiger and the front legs-mounted Devastators tried to attack with their chainsaws! Takeshi was able to activate the Tiger's Roar Sonic Emitter which made the Battle Scorpion move back!

As the Assault Tiger stood up said Takeshi to his comrade, "Hey! Do you remember as I said that I hate giant metal spiders?"

"Yeah! I do! Why?" asked Hikaru while he fought the two Arachnoid Stalkers.

The pilot of the Assault Tiger shot at the Battle Scorpion and answered loudly, "Well! I hate giant metal scorpions much more!"

Hikaru shot at the two battle machines and defeated them quickly to aid his friend. He ran to the back of the scorpion-like machine and grabbed with his Electro Shock Claw the tail! He fired his missiles at the gunner of the machine and the Assault Tiger ran to the front and smashed his Buzzsaw into the cockpit!

As they defeated the Battle Scorpion went the two Battle Machines to the prison and prepared to free the prisoners.

"Take a step back." said the green haired pilot and sawed the prison bars.

The prisoners left their cage and was glad that they were free. However they heard a strange sound from above.
Storm Lasher2
They looked up and saw a single Storm Lasher. Suddenly four Laserbeams hit the Storm Lasher and the River Dragon and the flying vehicle of the HRT appeared.

Takeshi was relieved as he saw how the lower half with Sensei Keiken appeared.

The Sensei looked at his pilots and the now free prisoners and ordered, "Quick! Escort the civilians into the Mobile Devastator! We don´t have much time! Meca One already knows where the Outpost is! We can´t let him get it!

"SENSEI KEIKEN!" heard the Sensei from two familiar voices. He looked to his right and saw two more pilots of him.

"Genki. Ryota. What are you doing here?" asked the old man with a surprised voice.

The two pilots looked at each other and Genki said, "We got caught in the last attack of the robots and brought here. However we think we can drive the Mobile Devastator and evacuate the civilians, so that you can focus on your mission."

The Sensei nodded and said proudly, "Very well. Ryo will give you the coordinates and the savetiest route. I will send Hitomi a message that you pilot it"

As all civilians were inside the Mobile Devastator looked Genki and the controls and noticed that it looks surprisingly simple. He glanced to his gunner Ryota and started to drive.

The other pilots watched as the wheeled Battle machine left and returned to their mission.

They knew they had to hurry and raced to the location with the outpost!

Chapter 5

Race To The Outpost!

"Takeshi! Watch out!" screamed Ha-Ya-To in his River Dragon as he saw how three Dark Panthers chased him!

Ryo, Hikaru and Takeshi reactivated their Mini Bots once again and send them to stop their followers! 

In the sky flew the River Dragon and the flightpod of the Hybrid Rescue Tank as fast as they could!

On the ground ran the Assault Tiger, Chameleon Hunter and the lower half of the Hybrid Rescue Tank!

They tried everything to reach the outpost first! Unfortunately tried the robots it too and chased the Exo-Force team!


Behind the humans were at least three Storm Lashers, six Dark Panthers and nine Arachnoid Stalkers who tried to eliminate them! The River Dragon turned around and shot three laser beams at a Storm Lasher! The beams hit the Iron Drone and the now pilotless Storm Lasher fell to the ground! The flying vehicle crashed on a Dark Panther and explode! Ryo did the same as Ha-Ya-To and shot his Warheads against the other two Storm Lashers! As they crashed destroyed they also three Arachnoid Stalkers and one Dark Panther!

Takeshi saw how four vines lunged at him and saw them! As he looked back could he saw how five Arachnoid Stalkers got teared apart and was glad that it didn´t happened to him. Takeshi shot at the last two followers and hit them with lucky shots!

After the chase arrived the Exo-Force finally the outpost! The walls were mostly covered with overgrown plants.

Sensei Keiken, Takeshi and Hikaru couldn´t see what was behind the gate but Ryo and Ha-Ya-To could see from above that it was a small area with a much smaller variation of the Golden Tower. It was surrounded by five small buildings and a small garden.

As Hikaru wanted to open the gate, heard the heroes of the Exo-Force fast and loud footsteps.

As they turned around saw Sensei Keiken a huge battle machine with poison spikes, a claw and laser cannon. To the feft of the machine was an insect-like drone with mandibles, blades and laser. He looked into the cockpit and saw the leader of the robots: Meca One!

"So. My creator and four of his flesh creatures are trying to stop me. How pitiful." taunted the golden robot.

Sensei Keiken´s face got a serious expression and the wise leader of the Exo Force said, "Meca One. Let´s settle this once and for all!"

Chapter 6

A Dreadful Enemy!

Sensei Keiken was sure as he heard the words of the golden robot. It was definitely the original Meca One!

The old Sensei glanced at his students in their battle machines and what he saw made him proud. He saw young men who risked multiple times their lives to help and rescue other people and sat as brave, fearless and skilled pilots in their battle machines.

"We will not let you down, Sensei." said Takeshi to his Sensei with a smile.

"Thanks you. Now let us stop Meca One and his plans as a team!" said the Sensei to his best pilots and drove the lower half of the HRT in the direction of the Striking Nightmare!

"Unbelievable. After all your losses and defeats do you still think that you can beat my ultimate logic and power." said Meca One with a condescending tone in his metallic voice as he fired with his Laser Cannon at the Exo-Force team!

The pilots could dodge the beam and saw how the laser hit the gate! The whole gate and a part of the walls explode! Ryo knew that by this fire power would only one shot be enough to destroy one of their battle machines!

The Insectoid Bot crawled on a tree and shot precise laser beams at the River Dragon!

Insectoid Bot

The Chameleon Hunter and the Assault Tiger shot at Meca One, but the Striking Nightmare dodged almost every beam and the few that hit it didn´t even made a dent.

"It is pretty fast for the size and armor! I try to attack him from behind!" shouted Hikaru and activated his built-in camo-phores!

The Chameleon Hunter appeared behind the Striking Nightmare and attacked the back with his Flame Thrower Cannon! The new battle machine of Meca One lifted a leg and attacked the Chameleon Hunter with one of his feet claws! As Meca One prepared to finish Hikaru, attacked Sensei Keiken with his Gatling Laser Cannon and forced Meca One to dodge! The Mini Flying Bot appeared to attack the golden robot, but the Striking Nightmare catched the Mini Bot and crushed it with the large claw!

Ha-Ya-To tried to destroy the Insectoid Bot but the drone was extremely fast and shot highly precise beams from the treetops out! He thought if he gets closer to the Insectoid Bot could he defeat it easier and flew into the treetops!

He appeared right in front of the drone and prepared to shoot! The drone attacked with its blades and slashed the left foot of the River Dragon away! Ha-Ya-To shot with his Cannon Arm and destroyed it immediately! As he flew back could he saw that his teammates have big difficulties with the Striking Nightmare.

"Where is the reinforcement?" asked the golden robot a Devastator on the screen.

"We were on the way, but the vines of the jungle attacked us and...SQUARK!" said the Devastator before he was interrupted!

Meca One knew that the sudden breakdown means that the reinforcement won´t appear soon and prepared to defeat the Exo-Force team once and for all!

Ryo tried to find the weak point of the Striking Nightmare but i looked like it didn´t have any! The Mini Jungle Bot tried to attack the Striking Nightmare and got shot by the powerful laser beam! The explosion was extremely loud and destroyed a tree too! Meca One knew that he had to be careful with the fire power if he want the secrets of the outpost. He turned to the Mini Heat Bot on the Ground and stomped with the massive mechanic leg on it!

He noticed that the Assault Tiger used his Tiger's Roar Sonic Emitter to interfere with the mechanics of the golden robot and shot with the shoulder-mounted laser cannons at the Emitter! A small high-pitched explosion rang and Takeshi gnashed his teeth!

"Guys! Do you read me?"

Suddenly the voice of Ryo and the other members of the Exo-Force listened carefully to him.

Ryo looked at the Stricking Nightmare and said, "I think I´ve found the weak point! And I also think that I know how to beat Meca One!"

Chapter 7

The final Fight!

"You found a weak point in this thing? Where is it?" asked Ha-Ya-To frantically while he dodged the beams of the Striking Nightmare!

"In the back of the machine, right behind the cockpit, seem to be the main power supply! If one of us distracts him long enough could we shoot with every weapon at one single point! If we do it would the Striking Nightmare explode and Meca One too!" explained Ryo his comrades!

Hikaru looked at the damage of his Chameleon Hunter and said calmly, "Okay! I will run towards to Meca One and attack him in melee! This will give you enough time to shoot at the back of this machine."

"WHAT?!?! This is madness! He will tear you apart and kill you!" complained Takeshi to his blue haired friend and dodged the beams of the Striking Nightmare!

"The feet claws of this thing so bad that it have not enough energy to shoot anymore! In one or five minutes would the Chameleon Hunter destroyed anyway! Trust me! I will make it!" reassured Hikaru his friends.

Reluctantly followed Takeshi the plan and prepared to attack.

The Chameleon Hunter ran to the Stricking Nightmare and lunged with his Electro Shock Claw out!

"How pitiful." said the cruel leader of the robots as the Striking Nightmare catched the green battle machine and conducted a strong electrocution through his large claw!

Meca one

Hikaru has been just capable to push the eject button and activated the ejection seat!

The other members took their chance and shot with every weapon at one single point at the back!

"WHAT?!?!" shouted Meca One as he noticed that he was tricked by humans!


A giant explosion detonated from the back of the Striking Nightmare! The machine staggered a bit and fell backwards!

As the machine lay on the ground catched the River Dragon Hikaru and went with the other battle machines to Meca One.

He lay without his lower body and only one arm there and twitched with his remaining body.

Sensei Keiken pointed on the golden arm on the ground and said to Hikaru, "I engraved "Hitomi" on his left wrist..."

Hikaru went to the loose arm and read Hitomi´s name on the wrist.

He gave a sign that it is the real Meca One and returned to his friends.

Suddenly lifted Meca One his remaining arm and said, "Pathetic humans...Do you think that you can us by destroying me? One of my clones will take over my role as a leader and make you into our slaves. My army grows stronger every day... We will attack you every day...And then we...will...rule..."

"No, you won´t." said Takeshi and destroyed Meca One with his Plasma pulse cannon.

Sensei Keiken looked at the destroyed robot and closed his eyes.

He looked at his pilots and said, "We should enter the outpost before the reinforcement of the robots appear."

The battle machines turned to the outpost and entered it.

The Sensei pointed at the tower and said, "I was never able to enter this building."

Takeshi sawed with his Buzzsaw the door open and left his battle machine.

The five Exo-Force members went inside the tower and saw a computer with two giant generators. In front of the computer was a golden button and a plate with "EMERGENCY ROBOT SHUTDOWN EMITTER" engraved in it.

The pilots looked at each other with wide eyes.

"Did the builders of the Golden City foresee this war?" asked Ryo his friends.

No one gave a answer. They only looked at the golden button.

Sensei Keiken looked at his pilots and said proudly, "The honour to push this button deserved no other than you. Everyone of you did amazing things and risked your lives every day. It was an honour to fight on your side."

The four pilots smiled and went to the button. They knew that Sensei Keiken won´t discuss about who push the button and the pilots wanted to end this war once and for all.

As they pushed it rang an extremely loud, but pleasant humming.

Far above fought the remaining Exo-Force against a small army of robots with new battle machines.

The humans got the Mobile Devastator with a bunch of civilians and defended everyone.

Hitomi sat in her Blazing Falcon in front of a Combat Crawler X2 and prepared to attack. She glanced to the Cyclone Defender who fought a new panther-like battle machine and thought about a tactic how they could fend off the robots.

Suddenly she noticed a strange humming and saw how the robots stoped to move.

Dozens of Iron Condor s and Storm Lashers fell from the sky and crashed onto the ground! Many humans and pilots watched with surprising expressions how the robots and battle machine stand motionless there

Hitomi looked up into the sky and said quietly, "Huh? They...shut down? Was guys?"

Golden City

After three days arrived the Sensei with his four pilots the golden city. They passed hundreds of moveless robots and were happy that the war is over.

As they entered the city were they greeted by hundreds of cheering humans and left their battle machines!

Sensei Keiken saw his beloved grandchild and went to her.

Hitomi hugged him and said quietly with tears of joy, "I´m so glad that you are okay! We waited with the celebration until you arrived. During your absence did i send some pilots to the robot side of the mountain to free the prisoners. Is it really...over?"

Sensei Keiken stroked her head and whispered, "Yes my grandchild. It is over. I am so proud of you."

The Sensei glanced at the brave pilots and saw how many families and friends were reunited.

Takeshi laughed and talked with his family.

Hikaru talked with comrades.

Ryo talked with the Techies and hugged his beloved Uplink.

Ha-Ya-To showed off in front of young woman to underline his manliness.

And the Sensei got reunited with his granddaughter. The wise man admired the beautiful view of the Golden City and listened to the pleasant cheers of the civilians, Techies and pilots.

The peace was finally restored.

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