Hey everybody!

I know it was planned that we make an article for the physical Comics of Exo-Force but everyone seems to forgot about it.

So here is a list of all physical Comics we currently have!

(Also thank you AG-Systems for uploading some.)



These are some the Comics from the Boxes from 2006:

Instruction Comics

These are the Comics which appeared during 2007 in the instructions:

Blade Titan, Sky Guardian, Shadow Crawler and Iron Condor Comic

Cyclone Defender and Claw Crusher Comic

Goalden Guardian Comic

Combat Crawler X2 Comic

Mobile Devastator, Aero Booster and Golden Tower Comic

Other Comics

These are the Comics whch were released in magazines:

Robot Attack

Sonic Phantom Strikes!

Unnamed Comic 1

Unnamed Comic 2

Unnamed Comic 3

Jungle Mission!

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