aka Jetzul

  • I live in Somewhere in Europe
  • I was born on June 22
  • My occupation is Writing Stories and making people happy!
  • I am I think that's already pretty obvious...
  • Jetzul


    Ha-ya-to slammed the joystick to the right, and the Areo Booster shot sideways madly, narrowly missing the three blasts from the Iron Condors. Without wasting a moment, the pilot slammed his fist on the fire button.

    The left cannon vomited a volley of green beams, which shattered the black night and soared towards their targets.

    “Gotcha!!” Ha-ya-to said, a grin appearing on his features. The breams slammed into the metal, causing huge explosions. “Well that takes care of that. Bow let’s-” His green eyes went wide. “No…no way…” The smoke cleared, and the black battle machine stood there, shielding the Iron Condors. Horror fell over his face. “No…how…why…”

    The cannon pointed his way. The battle machine fired all its rockets. Ha-ya-to wa…

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