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  • Joev14

    Any interest in buying any of the following sealed sets? (This offer is open to anybody who sees it!)

    Stealth Hunter

    Sentai Fortress

    Gate Defense/Gate Assault

    Iron Condor

    Joev14, Respect the Green 00:42, June 18, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Joev14

    Learn more about the project here.

    Hey everyone! This is Joev14, proud owner of the Exo-Force Wiki. I just thought I'd letch'yall know (The slang terms I use sometimes), that the Exocraft Project has finally begun! Venom, a former member of the TTV podcast has graciously agreed to host a server for us to begin construction on the Mountain. Because of some troubles/out of date mods, we're going to begin in a standard vanilla minecraft world and construct the Sentai Golden City. This is necessary anyways, since the Golden City acts as a ruler to determine the exact height of the Mountain. We must first create it in Minecraft in order to determine a good guestimate for the Mountain's block height. We need as much help building the Golden City …

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  • Joev14

    Non-Lego Promo Toys

    May 10, 2013 by Joev14

    Alright, so I was lookin through this Category page, and I need your opinions. Should the Keychains and magnets be included in this category? While they aren't 'official' parts of the line, they still are made of lego-bricks, and are still 'technically' lego. So what do you guys think?

    Joev14, Respect the Green 01:20, May 10, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Joev14

    So, on the Supernova Page, the weapon used by Supernova is referred to as both a Solar Spear and an Electro Trident. I've done some research, and the name "electro trident" comes from the Supernova video advertisement, and the name "Solar Spear" comes from the comics and books. I'm more inclined to go with Solar Spear, since books and comics definately are more reliable sources than set ads. Thoughts?

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  • Joev14

    Scheduled for Release in June 2013 (Cancelled)

    Previous Book: Book 4: Shades of Doom

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