Shades of Doom Cover
Scheduled for release in May 2013 (Cancelled)

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Arc Angel

Arc Angel Prototype by Marc Stafford (Sentai Angel)

Deep Jungle Second WaveEdit

March Special Edition Set:Edit

Goldzilla (A20 - Ryo): $25. Minibot: Gorilla Minibot

August Second Wave:Edit

Arc Angle (A21 - Hitomi): $30. Minibot: (something with wings, perhaps an Eagle) 

Ice Demon (Blue Dev): $50 Minibot: Snake Minibot

Snow Base (Includes a battle machine piloted by Ha-Ya-To called the A22 Sky Hawk): $90 Minibot: Raven Minibot

October Special Edition Set:Edit

Mega One (Energized Meca One): $50. Minibot: Dragon Minibot

Details: The Energized Meca One will be completely black, with trans-red hands and eyes. The set would be a Tripedal Bridge Walker design, primarily black with some red accents.