Alright, this has been bugging me for a long time, so I'm going to post a list and info on all the different conflicting canon images and info I can, first off, is the power core size...

Size of a Power Core/Brick

Power Brick Hikaru

2 feet high

Power Brick

6 feet high

Power brick downed fire vulture manga

So what's the actual size of a Power Core? it's very very confusing, the actual lego models show that they are about the same height as a minifigure (About 4 feet high to scale), taking into consideration that the minifigures aren't to the same scale as the manga characters. In the official Exo-Force promo video, it's shown being about the same height as the manga character (about 6 feet high to scale), but in the Exo-Force animated series, they are shown to be much smaller then a manga character (about 2 feet high to scale), In the official comics, there's a picture of Hikaru holding an Power Core that can't be more then a foot high. So, we need to decide which of these sources is the one we should be using, and if the other two sources are actually correct, if they aren't accurate here, we probably shouldn't be using them for sourcing anything else.

Mountain Warrior vs. Stealth Hunter

Comic 6.12
So I was reading throgh the Exo-Force comics the other day, trying to get more screen captures of the Mountain Warrior, when I noticed something here, only moments ago in this comic, Ryo had been assembling the Mountain Warrior using pieces from the Stealth Hunter, but in this part right here, only moments after, shows the Stealth Hunter in battle with a Fire Vulture...?

Four-legged Shadow Crawler

Four-legged Shadow Crawler
This is probably just an artist's error, due to not knowing what the actual Shadow Crawler looked like. But is it possible they were moddified to have four legs? perhaps a model that was supposed to be released but never was? (it doesn't appear to have a prison-pod on the back either).

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