Hey everyone, so I decided to finally give in to the urge to go see the damage to my exo-force sets, since I have limited basement space I have to stuff them all into a bin that can't hold them all without cramming them in there, so it gets very messy bringing them back up. I was surprised that many of the more fragile sets were actually the ones that didn't break much, and after I decided to take a break after two hours of work, I only had 6 sets plus the Sentai Golden Tower and Sentai Fortress that weren't back in one piece. Unfortunatly, I found that of the 12 light bricks I had, only 2 of them can still fully light up, 8 of them are very dim, and 2 are completely dead. If anyone has any suggestions as to how I can either replace the battery or get a large supply of these for a reasonable price, please give me a heads up!

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