• Smarty35

    Hello everyone! I'm Smarty35, one of the top 10 members of the wiki (as we all are, as of yet), grammarian, Exo-Force enthusiast, raging egotist, and, most importantly, amateur game designer. I've been working for a while on an Exo-Force Miniatures Game, using the Battle Machine sets to represent the actual Battle Machines in a supertactical game. As of yet it's overrun with defects, but I'm going to try to fix them. What I wrote this for, though, is to invite anyone interested to playtest the game. As I work on the problems I've noticed, I'd appreciate suggestions and pointing-out of problems, and of course general comments about the game. All you'll need is a few dice (6-sided) and the Battle Machines you want to have fight. The rules ca…

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