• Testrel

    training day

    March 17, 2013 by Testrel

    Takeshi and Hikaru were in a traning battle against a couple of rooftop gunners.Hikaru's battle machine, the Sky Guardian,could fly. From up in the air,Hikaru fired a couple of blasts,one of wich knocked a cannon clear off it's post!    


    "Are you guys slow,or are you guys slow?"Asked Hikaru as he easily evaded several shots from another cannon.Takeshi however,was stuck on the ground in the Blade Titan,but he was doing well considering that the cannons could not aim at the place where he was;and even if they could,he had a sheild to deflect the laser bolts.   Takeshi aimed and fired a blast that knocked the barrel off of the cannon that tried but failed to shoot Hikaru out of the air.But the warning alarm sounded just as the blast struck. Hika‚Ķ

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