Venom 2

7709Alternate-Venom 2

Required Set(s):

7709 Setai Fortres(OnlyVenom 1)




Several Laser cannons
Destroyer Disc Launcher


Meca One

The Venom 2 is the Alternative Model of the Venom 1.


  • The Venom 2 can be build at the same time as the Sentai Tower and the Silent Wasp
  • It can fly
  • It's not been seen in the story

Set Information

The Venom 2 can be build from the Venom 1 from 7709 Sentai Fortress. It have a primary Laser cannon, a Destroyer Disc Launcher and 2 more Laser cannons next to the Cockpit. It is also possible, that at the end of each wing small lasers are.


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