Vulture Drone
Vulture Drone 2
Vulture Drone Information
Affiliation Robots during the Peaceful Era
Armor Unknown
Power Source Unknown
Weapons (None) Equip: Drill and Claw
Pilot Devastator
Status Destroyed or Deactivated and Discontinued from production
Location Various Locations


The Gorge Vulture Drones
The Vulture Drone is an obselete type of mining vehicle designed by the humans for use by the robots during the time of peace between humans and robots. This unit was the predecessor of the Fire Vulture and has all the same functions and capabilites with the exception of weapons and Turbine Engine. Its Flamethrower instead has a Drill and its other arm has a clawed hand. It was originally designed for mining on the steep cliffs of the Sentai Mountain and reaching caves that weren't safely reachable by foot.


Vulture Drone

A Mining Vehicle being lowered down by a platform

Though this was a real mining vehicle used by the robots, its name was never revealed (or if it ever even had another name besides "Mining Vehicle")

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